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OSHA 500 - Trainer Course in Occupational Safety and Health Standards for the Construction Industry

The focus of this TRAINER course is to prepare students to teach the 10 and 30 Hour Outreach classes. Course time is spent learning and practicing adult training techniques. Students will participate in the development and delivery of lectures during class. Thorough knowledge of OSHA Construction Standards (CFR 1926) is required. Following successful completion of the written exam, students become authorized OSHA Trainers in the 10 and 30 Hour Outreach Programs. Laptop recommended.

Note: IMPORTANT - ONLINE ENROLLMENT IS NOT PERMITTED. A Verification of Prerequisite Form must be sent in, along with your OSHA 510 documentation, to obtain approval to attend the course. The required prerequisites are: OSHA 510 course and five years of construction safety experience. A college degree in occupational safety and health, a CSP, CIH, CHST or CSHM designation in the applicable training area may be substituted for two years of experience with proper documentation. To obtain the Verification of Prerequisite Form, click on "Apply Now" next to a class below.

Travel plans must accommodate the course end time.

Course Number: FPM-40280   Credit: 3 units

Other Credit: CEU 3.2, ABIH 4.34 CM Points, BCSP 3.2 COCs

Textbooks: All materials are provided on the first day of class.

This course is part of the following Safety Certificate Program(s).

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Upcoming Sections

Section ID Fee Status
10/13/14 - 10/16/14   (Click to show details) Las Vegas, NV 096582 $750.00 Apply Now!
10/20/14 - 10/23/14   (Click to show details) San Diego, CA 096757 $750.00 Apply Now!
11/03/14 - 11/06/14   (Click to show details) Tucson, AZ 096573 $750.00 Apply Now!
11/17/14 - 11/20/14   (Click to show details) Tempe, AZ 096631 $750.00 Apply Now!
01/26/15 - 01/29/15   (Click to show details) San Diego, CA 104152 $750.00 Apply Now!
03/02/15 - 03/05/15   (Click to show details) Tempe, AZ 104501 $750.00 Apply Now!
03/09/15 - 03/12/15   (Click to show details) Claremont, CA 104513 $750.00 Apply Now!
03/16/15 - 03/19/15   (Click to show details) Reno, NV 104528 $750.00 Apply Now!
04/06/15 - 04/09/15   (Click to show details) San Diego, CA 104430 $750.00 Apply Now!
04/27/15 - 04/30/15   (Click to show details) Sacramento, CA 104565 $750.00 Apply Now!
05/18/15 - 05/21/15   (Click to show details) Tempe, AZ 104663 $750.00 Apply Now!
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